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Luxury Table Fireplace/Table Approx. 26 cm with 1 Litre of Bioethanol Fireplace Glass for a cosy atmosphere

By: Tristar
Luxury Table Fireplace/Table Approx. 26 cm with 1 Litre of Bioethanol Fireplace Glass for a cosy atmosphere
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Manufacturer Description

A safe, decorative idea for pure cosiness offers this design table fireplace (incl. 1 litre bioethanol) with a metal housing and safety glass.

You can create a cosy, intimate atmosphere in your living room or also on the terrace with this bio ethanol fireplace.
This decorative fireplace set is also a great gift idea for your loved ones.

No removal is necessary for the glass fireplace and thanks to the bio ethanol it is odourless and there is no soot and ash.
Using the extinguishing aid you can put out the flames of the glass fireplace safely or even regulate them.

Since the table fireplace is suitable for indoor and outdoor use it can be used all year round but it spreads a cosy atmosphere especially during the pre-Christmas period.

Material: Metal housing and toughened safety glass: 5 mm.
Inc. Extinguishing aid and 1 litre bio-ethanol
* With DIN 4734-1: 2011 standard.
* Glass plate dimensions: 25 x 20 x 0.5 cm.
Dimensions: 26 cm x 21.5 cm x 21 cm.
This brazier should not be operated with combustion gel, it should only be run with bioethanol.

To operate a bio ethanol fireplace no chimney or chimney connection is necessary, because the fuel burns completely residue-free and without soot or annoying odours.

As bioethanol burners are not subject to the regulation on firing plants or subject to authorisation, they can be easily integrated into any home..

* luxury fireplace.
* Table top ethanol fireplace.
* Table Decorative Fire.

Fuel: Bio Ethanol
Casing: metal.
Extinguishing aid: Yes.

Product Features

Odourless, soot and ash, make your warm and pleasant atmosphere The table lamp is suitable for indoor and outdoor use Includes 1 litre bio ethanol 96.6% For to run a bio ethanol fireplace is no fireplace connector or chimney required This fire bowl should be cannot be fuel, only operated on bio-ethanol