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Kärcher 2.863-161.0 Filter, Black

Kärcher 2.863-161.0 Filter, Black
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Manufacturer Description

Premium coarse dirt & ash filter. Includes a 20 litre metal container, filter and a metre long suction hose. The filter is made of non-flammable textile material and reliably retains fine dust as well as larger particles. Suitable for cleaning fireplaces, tiled stoves, barbecues, sauna ovens etc, as well as removing coarse dirt.

Suitable for Karcher MV & WD series vacuum cleaners.

Features & Benefits
- Hardwearing metal container
- Flame retardant filter
- Fine mesh for retaining ash and dust
- Ideal for vacuuming coarse dirt or ash

Product Features

Compatible with karcher vacuum cleaners Robust, hard-wearing, durable Flame-resistant and heat-resistant