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Fireplace Bio Ethanol Columbus 1 Burner

By: Bio-blaze
Fireplace Bio Ethanol Columbus 1 Burner
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Manufacturer Description

This ethanol fireplace works which provides a refined heat and gives the joy of a real flame in your area of life.
Gas not, nor of smoke.
The bioethanol is a non-toxic fuel that burns really. Similar to a candle, the bio-ethanol releases small amounts of carbon dioxide, and that the steam of water.
Quick and easy installation.
Can be attached on any wall, including the walls of plaster, stone, concrete or wood.
The structure of the Columbus is powder coated steel of great quality, as well as a built-in insulation Resistant to strong heat. A glass of protection adds a sense of greater security (including in the purchase of this fireplace). The anchoring system has been designed to resist an earthquake.
The Burning time is 0.4L/hour.
The Columbus is equipped with an adjustable burner stainless steel.
Comes with: a funnel, of pebbles, a manual of use and that the glass of protection.
There is in black or white: Selectionnez in desired colour

Product Features

22 kg Bio-Blaze