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Black Adjustable Ornate Deisgn Fire Place Hearth Fender

Black Adjustable Ornate Deisgn Fire Place Hearth Fender
Usually dispatched within 6-10 business days

Manufacturer Description

Dimensions (approximate):
Width: 94cm - 156cm
Depth: 35cm
Height: 8cm
Weight: 3kg

The story of Black County Metal Works began over twenty five years ago with the dreams of one man, Mr Eric Schubert, a highly skilled metal worker who lived and worked in the Black Country. His passion in life was metal and the many wonderful items that could be created from this versatile raw material. Although he is now retired, the business and passion has passed to his son-in-law, whose own father was both an engineer and designer, and his grandson. Family ties are still very strong and the founder, Eric Schubert, is still very much involved in the design and creation processes.

Product Features

An elegant and stylish grate for your fireplace. For more information please see the product description. The perfect finishing touch for your home or business. A range of styles and sizes available. High quality and built to last.