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Bio Fires Gel Fuel 'Pure'
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Manufacturer Description

BOX CONTENT: 6 x 1L of fuel.

A box of 6 x 1L of our own-brand jellyfied alcohol fuel for older type of fireplaces and smaller table-top burners. Suitable for burners with round containers with large diameter, the gel fuel will leave a bit of residue, therefore the containers will need occasional cleaning.

It is recommended to use with Crescent Burners, as they have a very small containers and it is safer when pouring (doesn't spill easily).

The gel is also Eco-Friendly and is suitable to use in GEL CANS, supplied with some of our older range of fireplaces.

If you are not sure whether this fuel is right for you - call us, as wrong fuel can damage your fireplace.

NOTE: Gel Fuel is NOT SUITABLE for any of the wall hanging or freestanding fireplaces from our current range! It is used only for burners where spilling is at higher risk (like Crescents) and for our older range, and we continue to supply it to our existing customers.

Product Features

Bottle capacity: 1L. Maintenance required: gel containers need to be occasionally washed as there is some residue left after burning. How to extinguish bio ethanol flame in case of spillage: best extinguishers for liquid alcohol is CO2, then foam. Do not use water, as it will dilute the fuel and spread the flame with it. In case of mishandling the fuel and if CO2 or powder extinguishers are not available, use thick blanket/heavy piece of clothing to cover the flame and cut the oxygen supply. Bottle Recyclable: yes. Cap: child-proof (press and unscrew). Combustion emissions: comparable to human breath - minimal amount of vapour and CO2 + heat. Where to store: cupboard, shed etc, indoors or outdoors, anywhere where you could store your spirits (i.e whiskey). It will not freeze and will not pose any danger when kept in a living room or a hall cupboard. The fuel is highly flammable when you put flame to it, but it is not explosive when sealed in bottle - just as your brandy and other spirits. Burning time: depends strictly on type of container, please refer to each product for this information Heat produced: heat is produced straight from flame, so the bigger the flame the more heat. Small tabletop burners will usually produce approx 0.5-1kW of heat, larger fireplaces using 500ml GEL CANS (older system) between 3kW