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Bio-Blaze BB-VA Tabletop Bioethanol Fireplace Valetta Black

By: Bio-blaze
Bio-Blaze BB-VA Tabletop Bioethanol Fireplace Valetta Black
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Manufacturer Description

The refined and distinguished design of the Valetta will embellish and bring the ambiance of a fire to any room.

Ideal for small spaces, this unit can be placed on any stable surface, indoor or outdoor.

The simple and elegant design will provide the purity of the flame. You can enjoy the flame of a modern fireplace by positioning the Valetta wherever you desire.

Dimensions: L 500 x H 300 x D 140 mm
Weight1: 2 kg
Burners: ½ L burner - adjustable flame
Autonomy: +/- 2½ hrs - 0.16 l/h
Heating capacity: 1.2 KW
Minimum space: 30 m³ (roof 2.45 m)
Recommended ventilation: Every one hour for rooms < 110 m³

Included accessories:
2 heat resistant glasses / Burner / Tool to extinguish the flame / Funnel / Manual

No chimney! No gas! No smoke!
This fireplace uses bio-ethanol fuel to provide refined warmth and bring the joy of a real flame into your living space.
Bio-ethanol burns clean and it is non-toxic.
It releases small amounts of carbon dioxide and water vapor, similar to a candle.

Product Features

Runs on bio-ethanol Burner 0.5 litres Burning time +/-3 hours Consumption: 0.16 l/h Heating capacity 1.2 kilowatts